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Yes Darling Tea

At Ease - CBD blend

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At Ease is a calming hemp tea blend perfect for soothing anxious thoughts, providing  physical relaxation, easing nausea and helps to reduce chronic pain.  The smell of the sweet strawberry aroma partnered with a roasted taste of the popped buckwheat makes this hemp herbal tea a sweet treat while offering pure mental, emotional and physical relaxation.  **Pure hemp leaf is a species of cannabis that isn't psychoactive in any way. It provides all the relaxing and soothing benefits without any of the psychological effects of other species of cannabis.  

INGREDIENTS:  strawberry leaves, hemp leaves, chamomile, lemon balm, popped buckwheat, lemongrass, natural almond flavor, rose petals, marigold

One bag contains: 14 teabags



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    Jess Meyer
    Soothing and Delicious

    This is the best tea before bed or after a long day. The combination of flavors along with the chamomile is the perfect blend, too. Definitely my favorite!