Introducing Yes Darling Tea

Yes Darling Tea believes that self care is essential for our well-being. Our wellness tea blends are focused on increasing energy, enhancing mood and emotional wellness; inspiring self-care, relaxation, stress reduction and a sense of deep inner-strength.

We offer loose leaf tea that is bagged for your convenience in bleach-free tea bags made of ultra-thin non-woven fiber that does not affect the taste of the tea.


Is tea a good source of energy?  Yesssss!  Our green and black teas are an excellent choice if you are looking for a boost of energy in the morning or in the evening.  


A cup of tea is not a magic cure for all, but it can definitely help to relieve symptoms of restlessness and insomnia.  Our bedtime teas are catered toward assisting with relaxation and a deeper rest.


Feeling stressed or your mind won't stop racing?  Our calming teas are mood enhancers aimed to soothe the mind.  Just the act of taking a moment of your time to slow down and prepare a cup of tea can help to alleviate stress and leave you feeling a little more balanced.

Self Care and Wellness: Taking Care of Yourself So You Can Be Your Best

Self care is an important part of maintaining a vibrant life and good health. It’s a way of living that incorporates behaviors that help you to feel revitalized, replenish your personal motivation, and grow as a person. Yes Darling Tea hopes that our tea can bring you a feeling of comfort and most importantly put a huge smile on your face!