About Me

Hello, I'm Kareema Riddick, the founder of Yes Darling Tea.  I've been a tea lover since I was a little girl. I have cherished fond memories of drinking tea with my paternal grandmother (Alberta), maternal grandmother (Ida) and my Aunt Edna. My Grandma Alberta introduced me to chamomile tea and she often used it as a remedy for upset stomach, insomnia, or just a refreshing evening tea.  My Grandma Ida was more into black tea and orange pekoe which was one of her favorites.  A very special moment from my childhood was drinking blackberry tea at my Aunt Edna's house in Newburgh, NY, which is not readily available.  My sister and I would visit her during school breaks and she always went out of her way to make sure she had some blackberry tea for us.  Fast forward years later, I'm still in love with tea.  I've suffered over the years from insomnia and anxiety, so therefore, I started studying herbs/spices and how to use them as an alternative to taking medications.  A combination of my love for tea and my studies have inspired me to start Yes Darling Tea. I believe that the perfect cup of tea is way more than just a beverage, it can be a soothing and healing experience.